Yash Gupta

I graduated in March 2019. I am currently (unless stated otherwise), working at some company in the Valley. I love computer security, and it leads me to tinkering with cryptic software. Reverse engineering interesting bits of malware is always a good time for me.

I worked extensively on Artifice, helping design and implement the storage model, including but not limited to the I/O engine, the module structure, and the metadata structures.

I also worked with James Hughes to develop a novel system to generate high entropy true random numbers using camera sensors.

Another project I looked into was the secure execution of protected binaries on systems that can be classified as secure. There is a lot of research into protecting a system from a harmful binary, but not nearly enough on protecting a binary from a malicious system. My research included a design that allowed only approved machines to execute a protected binary, aka, binary level entitlements.


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Last modified Aug 16 2020