The Storage Systems Research Center is part of the Jack Baskin School of Engineering at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Composed of faculty from the Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Electrical Engineering departments, our research focuses on many aspects of file and storage systems.

Recent Research Findings

Storage devices such as disks and flash memory can fail and, in the quantities required by petascale computing, such failures are commonplace. UC Santa Cruz researchers are exploring ways to safeguard both data and metadata against storage device failure, both by keeping extra information to recover from failures, double-checking any changes made to the stored data, and proactively scanning storage devices for early signs of failure. Applying our techniques to non-volatile memory such as flash memory has improved system reliability by several orders of magnitude, guarding against both hardware and software errors and allowing flash memory to be used to safely store directory information for high-performance computing systems.

Center for Research in Storage Systems (CRSS)

A partnership between academia and industry exploring and developing new technologies and techniques to improve the manageability, scalability, security, reliability, longevity, and performance of storage systems.

Industry Partners & Sponsors

CRSS facilitates collaboration in research and education, and provides pathways to simplify direct transfer of university developed ideas, research results, and technology to its industrial sponsors, helping them to improve their competitive posture in the global marketplace.
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Data Storage & Security

CRSS conducts research in a wide range of storage-related fields and applied security, including archival storage, scalable distributed indexing and non-hierarchical file systems, large-scale distributed storage systems, file systems for next-generation storage devices, and data deduplication.
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New Students

CRSS is looking for talented students who want to study for an M.S. or Ph.D. at UC Santa Cruz! Grad students at CRSS work closely with faculty and other students, as well as with local industry. Our graduates typically have multiple job offers, whether from industry, government, or academia.
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