Picture of Lokesh Jaliminche

Office: E2 381
ljalimin «at» ucsc·edu

Lokesh Jaliminche

Lokesh is a first-year Ph.D. student. His research interests are Distributed Systems, Storage Systems, Operating Systems, and Applications of  Machine Learning Algorithms in Distributed Systems.

Previous Work:

  • DataDirectNetworks (DDN) Storage

    At DDN storage, he worked on a burst buffer called Infinite Memory Engine (IME). He specifically worked on a feature to prefetch data in IME from backend file systems to enhance the read performance.

  • Seagate

    While his tenure at Seagate, he was involved in the development and sustenance of the Lustre file system, which is widely used in the High-Performance Computing Domain. 
    Link to his patches: https://review.whamcloud.com/#/q/Lokesh+Jaliminche

  • Intel

    He worked at Intel as a Student Intern, where he developed test drivers, which can be used for stimulating distinct functionalities of a device under test for behavior analysis.


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