Lockbox: Helping Computers Keep Your Secrets

Published as Working-group on Applied Security & Privacy Technical Report UCSC-WASP-15-02.


The realization that modern architectures lack sufficient security features is not a new one. Many grand visions of "trusted computing" remain unfilled. After millions of dollars of research money, huge expenditures on the part of industry and rarely seen levels of cooperation between hardware vendors, users remain without substantial security features in their systems. Those features that do exist remain unused and few users urge progress. Even the strongest advocates of trusted computing have quietly ratcheted down their expectations and the current proposed uses for the TPM, a chip that was supposed to bring about revolutionary security benefits to modern computing, represent a significant departure from the original vision of the project. Despite a rapidly increasing need for security, trusted computing systems remain unimplemented, unrealized or without adoption.

Publication date:
November 2015

D J Capelis

User Controlled Trusted Systems

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