Reducing NVM Writes with Optimized Shadow Paging

Appeared in Proceedings of HotStorage 2018.


Byte-addressable Non-volatile Memory (BNVM) techniques are eliminating the performance gap between storage and memory. However, the integrity of persistent data structures after an unclean shutdown is a major concern. Logging and shadow paging are commonly used to provide consistency for BNVM, but both approaches introduce significant overhead by writing extra data to BNVM. Our approach leverages the indirection of virtual memory to avoid the need to log actual data and uses a novel cache line-level mapping mechanism to eliminate the need to write unnecessary data. Thus, our approach is able to significantly reduce the overhead of committing data to BNVM. Our preliminary evaluation results show that using OSP for transactions reduces the overhead necessary to persist data by up to 1.96x as compared to undo-log. Moreover, our approach can be used to provide fast, low-overhead persistence for hardware transactional memory, further facilitating the acceptance of BNVM into computing systems.

Publication date:
July 2018

Yuanjiang Ni
Jishen Zhao
Daniel Bittman
Ethan L. Miller

Storage Class Memories
Operating Systems Support for NVM

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