Ike Nassi, Enterprise Supercomputers Will Enable the Businesses of Tomorrow

For the past 25 years, a huge amount of high-quality work has been done in high-performance scientific and technical computing. Enterprise software companies have harvested some of it by utilizing high-performance, moderately or tightly coupled multi-core commodity servers. However, the question arises, can we do better? How much better? What form would that take? What is needed? What are the longer-term implications? Why is it important to business? We believe that in-memory computing—a combination of technologies around multi-core and in-memory databases—is driving a critical inflection point in the IT industry. This talk will focus on a new generation of technologies that we like to call "enterprise supercomputers." We will discuss the potential performance, scalability, and cost benefits of this approach. With such an emphasis on data-driven decision-making in companies, the system performance and ease-of-use characteristics will be critical. We will also describe how this approach, with its simpler system model, could provide an easier programming and system landscape administration model while at the same time minimizing changes to existing applications. Enterprise Supercomputers Will Enable the Businesses of Tomorrow Ike Nassi, (former) Executive Vice President and Chief Scientist, SAP

Monday, April 9, 2012 at 1:00 PM


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