Using the SSRC Wiki

Logging In

You must have an account to read and edit most of the pages on the site. Access is limited to SSRC faculty, students, staff, and associates as well as SSRC sponsors. You can create an account (if you don't already have one) by going to the Login link in the header. You must also be added to one of the preceding groups to access pages; simply creating an account will not enable you to read or edit pages. If you're not affiliated with the SSRC (yet), we invite you to check out our public web site, on which you can find information on our people and projects and download papers.

If you get an "access not allowed" message, it means one of two things:

  1. You're not logged in. Please make sure that you're logged in by checking the top of the page to see if your WikiName is listed there. If not, you should see a "Login" link—click on it and log in.

  2. You're not allowed to access the page. If you believe that you should be able to access the field, please email someone who would be associated with it (perhaps one of the faculty or students working on the related project), and they can probably give you access.

You can navigate using the tabs along the top of the page content (bottom of the page header). These tabs list common destinations and help pages; you can add your own customized tabs by clicking on "Add Link" when you're on a page you'd like to have in your tab bar. You may find TableOfContents particularly useful in navigating. Also, there's a search box in the upper right.

Typically, sponsors have read-only access to most pages, and SSRC researchers (faculty, students, associates) have read/write access to most pages. There are some pages that are restricted to particular groups, as described above.

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