HP ftrace Traces

Location: HP Labs

Tool: fstrace

Year: 2000


The trace was collected by instrumenting the kernel to log all file system calls at the syscall interface, above the file buffer cache, for a medium-sized workgroup server. These traces where taken over 10 days in late 2000.

The traces are divided into files of hourly traces. Along with the raw trace data, there are also files containing the output of a ps and an ls command that is done at the end of every hour. These outputs are stored in ps-output and ls-output respectively.


These traces are stored as plain text, and so can be read through any standard text processing library. The first column contains the arrival time in seconds from the start of the trace, the second column contains the PID of the process generating the request, the third and forth output status and error, and the rest give specific information about the call.



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