PRESIDIO: A Framework for Efficient Archival Data Storage

Appeared in ACM Transactions on Storage 7(2).


The ever-increasing volume of archival data that needs to be reliably retained for long periods of time and the decreasing costs of disk storage, memory, and processing have motivated the design of low-cost, high- efficiency disk-based storage systems. However, managed disk storage is still expensive. To further lower the cost, redundancy can be eliminated with the use of interfile and intrafile data compression. However, it is not clear what the optimal strategy for compressing data is, given the diverse collections of data. To create a scalable archival storage system that efficiently stores diverse data, we present PRESIDIO, a framework that selects from different space-reduction efficent storage methods (ESMs) to detect similarity and reduce or eliminate redundancy when storing objects. In addition, the framework uses a virtualized content addressable store (VCAS) that hides from the user the complexity of knowing which space-efficient techniques are used, including chunk-based deduplication or delta compression. Storing and retrieving objects are polymorphic operations independent of their content-based address. A new technique, harmonic super-fingerprinting, is also used for obtaining successively more accurate (but also more costly) measures of similarity to identify the existing objects in a very large data set that are most similar to an incoming new object. The PRESIDIO design, when reported earlier, had comprehensively introduced for the first time the notion of deduplication, which is now being offered as a service in storage systems by major vendors. As an aid to the design of such systems, we evaluate and present various parameters that affect the efficiency of a storage system using empirical data.

Publication date:
July 2011

Lawrence You
Kristal Pollack
Darrell D. E. Long
Kanchi Gopinath

Archival Storage

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