Availability in Global Peer-To-Peer Storage Systems

Appeared in Distributed Data and Structures 6, Proceedings in Informatics.


Peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing applications have become increasingly popular. Measurements of P2P systems indicate large heterogeneity in the availability of individual nodes. Many have cyclic behavior, whereas others are always available. This paper proposes a cooperative storage technique that employs erasure coding schemes on a collection of data objects and provides various levels of data redundancy. Based on this technique, we study a history-based hill climbing scheme that takes advantage of varied time zones in a global P2P system. Our simulation results show the improved data availability by this scheme. We also investigate several climbing strategies including choice of coding schemes and laziness of data movement.

Publication date:
December 2004

Qin Xin
Thomas Schwarz
Ethan L. Miller

Ultra-Large Scale Storage

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