A Hybrid Approach for Efficient Provenance Storage

Appeared in The 21st ACM Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM).


Efficient provenance storage is an essential step towards the adoption of provenance. In this paper, we analyze the provenance collected from multiple workloads with a view towards efficient storage. Based on our analysis, we characterize the properties of provenance with respect to long term storage. We then propose a hybrid scheme that takes advantage of the graph structure of provenance data and the inherent duplication in provenance data. Our evaluation indicates that our hybrid scheme, a combination of web graph compression (adapted for provenance) and dictionary encoding, provides the best tradeoff in terms of compression ratio, compression time and query performance when compared to other compression schemes.

Publication date:
October 2012

Yulai Xie
Kiran-Kumar Muniswamy-Reddy
Dan Feng
Yan Li
Darrell D. E. Long
Zhipeng Tan
Lei Chen

Scalable File System Indexing
Dynamic Non-Hierarchical File Systems
Ultra-Large Scale Storage

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