Exploring Trusted Networking for Protected Applications

Published as Working-group on Applied Security & Privacy Technical Report UCSC-WASP-12-01.


In modern computing systems, networking is critical. In the context of trusted application environments, building a trusted networking interface remains an open question. In this paper, we categorize the networking needs of trusted applications into three modes: Local Equivalent, Trusted Local Networks and Internet-Wide Trusted Networking. Collectively these modes enable trusted applications to do everything from securely accessing the network to establishing a valid identity on the local network, or even the Internet. We explore the hardware mechanisms available in currently shipping products which can be used to implement our interfaces. We discuss our plans to prototype these networking interfaces in our lab's trusted platform called LockBox. We conclude that our trusted networking design is feasible using existing hardware and is ready for implementation.

Publication date:
June 2012

D J Capelis
James Larkby-Lahet
Darrell D. E. Long

User Controlled Trusted Systems

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