Secure Distributed Storage for the Internet of Things



With recent advances in machine-to-machine communication, built on cloud computing and networks of data-gathering sensors, The Internet of Things (IoT) has become an important part of the system and software community. IoT devices generate massive amounts of data, making the Cloud an ideal storage solution for such data. Although cloud storage maybe preferred over on-premise storage due to its ease of access, low cost, and delegated infrastructure management; IoT data storage using a single cloud provider has several disadvantages. Relying on a single cloud provider to store all the data compromises data reliability while simultaneously sacrificing data availability. IoT devices generate different types of data, all of which are efficiently organized using different storage solutions. This chapter discusses potential benefits of leveraging distributed storage properties to securely store different types of IoT data while simultaneously ensuring data availability.

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Publication date:
June 2019

Sinjoni Mukhopadhyay

Reliable Storage
Storage/Energy Efficiency in IoT

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