Secure Distributed Storage for the Internet of Things


The recent popularity of Internet-of-Things (IoT) significantly impacts storage and data protection. The heterogeneous nature of the data generated from IoT devices makes it difficult to design a “One solution fits all” storage system. Current storage solutions include object-based storage for large files like images and videos, and flash array-based storage for smaller log files from sensors. The massive amounts of data generated by IoT devices makes cloud-based storage a perfect solution for such data. This creates a need for a single but layered storage model that would not only be efficient for all types of IoT data, but would also provide data privacy while guaranteeing high system availability at all times. In this chapter we describe applications of distributed storage and the possibility of using a multi-cloud or hybrid cloud storage model to securely store data from IoT devices.


Keywords: Internet-of-Things, Storage, Security, Cloud Storage, Distributed Storage, Multi-Cloud, Hybrid-Cloud, Data Privacy, Availability, Secret-Sharing, Information-Theoretic Security, Computational Security, Data at Rest, Erasure Coding, Archival Storage. 

Publication date:
June 2019

Sinjoni Mukhopadhyay

Secure File and Storage Systems
Storage/Energy Efficiency in IoT

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