Using MEMS-Based Storage in Computer Systems—Device Modeling and Management

Appeared in ACM Transactions on Storage 2(2).


MEMS-based storage is an emerging nonvolatile secondary storage technology. It promises high performance, high storage density, and low power consumption. With fundamentally different architectural designs from magnetic disk, MEMS-based storage exhibits unique two-dimensional positioning behaviors and efficient power state transitions. We model these low-level, device-specific properties of MEMS-based storage and present request scheduling algorithms and power management strategies that exploit the full potential of these devices. Our simulations show that MEMS-specific device management policies can significantly improve system performance and reduce power consumption.

Publication date:
May 2006

Bo Hong
Scott A. Brandt
Darrell D. E. Long
Ethan L. Miller
Ying Lin

MEMS-based Storage

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