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Office: E2-381
obel «at» ucsc·edu

Oceane Bel

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Oceane is a Ph.D. student in CRSS/SSRC who started in Fall 2016. Her current interest lies in machine learning applied to systems. She previously worked on CAPES: A Computer Automated Performance Enhancement System and Inkpack: Drive theft resistant system with Kenneth Chang, Professor Miller and Professor Long.

Current Research

Now she is working on Geomancy: Automated Performance Enhancement through Data Placement Optimization which will serve as part of her thesis. She developed Geomancy, a tool that automatically optimizes the placement of data within a distributed storage system by leveraging a neural network architecture that accurately forecasts future performance-based access metrics.


Past education:

She did her undergraduate at USC, majoring in computer engineering and computer science. During her undergraduate career she conducted research with Stanford on how to use robotics to teach computer science to k-12 students. Additionally she conducted research on smart watches and voice recognition with USC. 



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