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Office: Engineering 2, Room 545A
inassi «at» ucsc·edu

Ike Nassi


  • Digital Equipment Corp: DEC: VAX-11, Ada, Bliss, Corporate Research; DARPA: Information Systems and Technology Group; Encore: Multiprocessors architecture, multiprocessor software, DARPA P.I.; Apple: Senior VP of Software and Corporate Officer; InfoGear: CTO (acquired by Cisco); Firetide: co-Founder, Chairman, CTO; SAP: EVP, Chief Scientist; TidalScale: Founder, Chairman, CTO, (and Founding CEO); IEEE Computer Society Industry Advisory Board; Computer History Museum - Founding Trustee; Anita Borg Institute for Women and Engineering; Former Trustee; IEEE Fellow

Research Areas

  • High performance computing, Computer Systems Architecture, Parallel Computing, Programming Languages, Computer Networks, Operating Systems, History of Computing, Databases, Distributed Systems, Virtualization


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Last modified Jan 16 2022