Working With Us

There are several different ways in which you can work with us at the Storage Systems Research Center.


Graduate Students

We welcome applications from prospective graduate students interested in research in storage systems and related areas. We have collected information for prospective SSRC graduate students, and we encourage you to look it over. You can find more general information on admissions at the Baskin School of Engineering web site. You can also contact SSRC-associated faculty or current students for further information.

Undergraduate Students

If you're an undergrad at UC Santa Cruz, there are many research opportunities within the SSRC. You can view a list from anywhere on campus (the list is not accessible off-campus). If you find a project you're interested in, please contact the person who's associated with the project to get started.

Industrial Affiliates

We encourage interested companies to become industrial affiliates of the Storage Systems Research Center. For details on the benefits of membership in the SSRC, please see our brochure. You can also contact any of the SSRC faculty or the School of Engineering's Director of Development Steve Bourdow for further information.

Academic Associates

If you're currently at another institution and are working with SSRC researchers, you can become an associate and be listed on our associates page.

Faculty Positions

Faculty positions are filled through departments in the Jack Baskin School of Engineering, which maintains a list of open positions that you may want to look through.

If you have questions about faculty positions, you're encouraged to contact any of the current SSRC faculty.

Last modified 13 Nov 2009