(SSRC talk) The Variegated Filter: (Much) Better Than Bloom

Prof. Miller will give a talk on his work on the variegated filter, a replacement for the Bloom filter, cuckoo filter, and quotient filter. The variegated filter uses variable-length signatures to improve false positive rate when the filter is less than 100% full, and to resolve collisions as the filter becomes full. The talk will cover the design of the variegated filter, and present quantitative experiments that show that the VF is better than existing techniques across a range of use cases.

This work was done by Prof. Miller at Pure Storage, jointly with Feng Wang (an SSRC alum!) and John Colgrove. No UC Santa Cruz facilities, equipment, or funding were used in this research.

Monday, October 25, 2021 at 1:30 PM


SSRC Contact:
McCarley, Cynthia

Last modified 4 Apr 2022