Tiering for new media

As we head towards exascale systems for storage of modern data, innovation in hardware design and challenges in scaling current storage have introduced new categories of storage such as QLC SSDs, Optane SSDs, and NVM. To keep up with the demand for storage, and to avoid performance bottlenecks, entire new classes of storage such as Key-Value SSDs and computational storage devices have been introduced. These devices show significant variance from traditional disks or SSDs, such as limited durability, ability to do in-place updates, read-write bandwidth asymmetry, requirements for data locality. A strict hierarchical model for these varied set of devices will not be able to optimize either for performance or for durability. We present our new tiering framework which is able to utilize the unique benefits offered by these new classes of devices, while minimizing negative impact on them, extending life of the storage, lowering cost, and improving read performance.

Monday, November 2, 2020 at 1:00 PM


SSRC Contact:
Purandare, Devashish

Last modified 26 Oct 2020